Friends of the University of Latvia

The non-profit organization “Friends of the University of Latvia” (501 (c) (3) charity) supports the development of Latvia and the University of Latvia. These donations go directly to scholarships and development projects. Friends of the University of Latvia was founded in 2012 by John J. Medveckis.


Confirmation of the charity status


University of Latvia Foundation in 2020

University of Latvia Foundation in 2019

University of Latvia Foundation in 2018


John J. Medveckis

Alfreds Raisters

Juris Riekstins

Andris Lacis

Peter Aloizs Ragauss

Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Willimantic

Andrejs Eglite

Dagnija and Kaspars Kreslini

Karlis Ozolins-Emils Mednis Trust Fund

John Golde

Gunars and Inara Blumbergs

Laimonis A. and Kristina Laimins

Roberts Blumbergs

Roberts and Dagnija Rusis

Andris and Betty Ramans

Peteris Alunans

Guna S. and Robert Mundheim

Inese and Richard Driehaus

Anna Justine Cakste-Rollins

Vaira Inta Pelekis-Christopher

Antra, Bertrams and Kristaps Zarins

Karlis Kaufmanis

Andrejs Jurgens

Aina Galeja-Dravniece

Valija and Modris Galenieks

Martins Andersons


Humanities projects

University infrastructure projects

Cognitive Science projects

IT projects

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For scholarships
For research projects
For reconstruction projects

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