John Golde

John Golde

John Golde’s donations are made in honor of his Father, Tenis Golde, and his Grandfather, Tenis Golde. His Grandfather graduated from the UL Law department in 1931. Until his deportation to Siberia in 1949, John’s Grandfather worked in Riga and Rujiena as a lawyer.

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The renovation and refurbishment of the UL Law department conference hall

In 2013, the UL Law department designed and built a modern conference hall. John made a donation of 5,000 USD to this project.

In 2013, the UL Law department purchased professional video and sound equipment. This equipment is used during conferences such that people can view and participate from around the world. In addition, new technologies were installed for video recording and translating. This was made possible by John's donation of 5,000 USD.

Summer classes about US Law organized by the UL Law department

In 2015, law students gained valuable knowledge about present and future legal issues. John helped fund this opportunity with a donation of 5,000 USD (4 032,26 EUR).

UL Student Business Incubator

The UL business incubator holds an important position in the system of European University business incubators . This network of incubators provides students with the opportunity to become outstanding entrepreneurs.

2015 -  Donation sum - 5,000 USD (4 032,26 EUR)

2016 - Donation sum - 5,000 USD  (EUR 4 789,73)

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