John J. Medveckis

John J. Medveckis

John wishes Latvia’s future generation be successful, not only within Latvia, but also globally.

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UL Business Incubator development

In 2013, the first FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) in the Baltics was built by the UL Business, Management and Economics department. It is open to anyone who wishes to create a prototype of their idea. John supported this project with a donation of 10,000 USD.

In 2014, The UL Business Incubator is refurbished and modernized to provide a more creative space. John donated 10,000 USD to this project.

In 2015, John donated 10,000 USD to further support the Business Incubator.


The University of Latvia Business Idea Foundation

In 2014, with John J. Medveckis's initiative, the Business Idea Foundation is founded. This is the first grant of its type in the Baltics. This grant helps young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses. John donated 100,000 USD to the foundation.

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